After The Boys Of Summer Are Gone

So that's that. A four game sweep. Peronally, I expected a little bit more out of the Hometown Team, but the fact of the matter is we had 3 strengths during the regular season:

1) Timely hitting
2) Clutch pitching
3) Good fundamentals (ie. baserunning, fielding, intangibles, etc.)

You can win without one of the three, when you're lucky you can win without two of the three, but under any and all circumstances you cannot win without any of the three.

We just played four games without any of the three. And we got swept in four games. Surprise, surprise.

I'm not going to dwell on the loss. I'll wear my "Marquis 21" jersey with pride. We had a hell of a run and I could not be prouder. This was the Red Sox Year.

Congrats to Manny, Papi, Curt, Pedey, and the rest of the idiots.

Congrats to the new Sox fans (Josh Ellison, all you destructive, stupid college kids up in Mass.)

Congrats to the lifelong Sox fans.

Congrats to their dads.

Congrats to their dads, who may have lived and died through a lifetime without ever seeing the Sox win it all.

Congrats to everyone up in Mass. Take it easy on that city. It's quite a lovely town. I know it well, and I'd like to see it again.

Was this October anti-climatic for me? Yes.

Would I trade it for anything? No.

A quick postseason wrapup:

The Cardinals teaching the Dodgers what slugging is all about...

Dave Roberts pinch running in game 4 of the ALCS, everybody knows he's going to steal...he's breaking...here's the throw to second...HE'S SAFE!!!

Curt Schilling's Game 6 reducing me to tears

The Red Sox doing the unthinkable

Watching Albert Pujols and Carlos Beltran going toe to toe, slugging it out...NLCS on the line

Jeff Kent winning game 5 on a walkof and...

The NLCS coming back to Busch, Redbirds down 3 to 2...

Not today...

Jim Edmonds extra innings walkoff

Game 7...

The Catch...

Albert Pujols rips a double down the left field line!

Scott Rolen with a deep one to left!

Counting down the outs...

The Saint Louis Cardinals are headed to the World Series for the first time since 1987!!!

I'm not really sure that I'm truely sad about losing tonight.

One of my alltime favorite movies is Above The Rim, and there's a scene where "Flip the Bum" (played eloquently by Bernie Mac) runs into an old high school basketball teammate ("Shep", played by Leon). "Flip" looks "Shep" in the eye and says to him: "They can't erase what we were. They can't erase what we were."

The 2004 National League Champion Saint Louis Cardinals.

"They can't erase what we were. They can't erase what we were"

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