6 Out of 7 Aint Not Bad

I know how you feel:

Happy. Confused. Settled. Hungry. Drunk. Content. Horny. Delighted.


It's Monday. The Cardinals (somehow) won yet another Division Championship and are headed to the postseason for the sixth time in the last seven years. But, for the first time since 2001, they are going into October without something.


There's no pressure with these guys. It's just a bunch of kids (Yadi, The Bulge, PaDuncaDunc, El Hombre, B-Rad, Reyes, Kinney), bad asses (Juan, Ronnie, Scotty, Weaves, Preston, Scotty Spiez), and vets (Soup, Carp, Wild Turkey, Miles, Eck, Jimmy Baseball) going out there and playing ball. No, they weren't the best team in baseball.

In fact, they probably weren't even one of the best 15 teams in baseball. But, ya know what? Fuck it, mang.

Go out there and play ball.

You win 11 of your next 19, you're the World Champs.

Nothing to lose, Redbirds.

Go have some fun.

[I'll have some more about this based balls playoffs for you interntets loving kids later tomorrow, in the meantime remember that the Cards are far and away the most cursed team in this year's playoffs. Scary scat, right there.]


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