Ten Down, One (!) to Go

Cards 5, Tigers 4

Dear America,

Please do not judge my fair town on what you have seen and heard at Busch Stadium over these past few nights. We do not normally listen to The Venga Boy's "We Like to Party" three times a day. Why someone chose that song and not, say, "Eminence Front" by The Who, or, hell, any other halfway decent non-suicide inducing songs; I have no idea.

Also, why we hear DJ Casper requesting 50,000 people to "Clap your hands" 27 times a game is beyond me. I am looking forward to this series being over as soon as possible, and a large part of that desire is so I can stop hearing horrible techno music, stop looking at people with felt taped their face, and stop dreaming about committing hate crimes against John Mellencamp.

Please, Cardinals, end this thing tonight at stop the insanity.

Alex Fritz
Chairman of Pretention /Good Music Division
St Louis (Dogtown) Chapter

[have a great, world series clinching weekend, kids. don't forget to vote on who sucks more: mencia or rapaport. it's neck and neck right now; results will be out next week. go cards!]


The Cardinals did not win Game 4.

The Tigers just threw it away. They took that motherfucker, and they GAVE IT TO THE MEN WITH THE BIRDS ON THEIR SHIRTS.

This simply must not continue.

I hope Leyland tore them a new one after the game.
Well, technically they did win… but I know what you mean. Gotta’ take advantage of those opportunities when they present themselves, though, and the Cards did just that.

I'm hoping that Weaver pitches out of his mind tonight and wins this whole damn thing at home. I DO NOT want to go back to Detroit. I'm fairly certain I'll have a heart attack if this thing goes 7 now.
I'm pretty certain, that FOX uses their own "music" person instead of good ole Ernie. That is why the music sucks and it fells like you are playing in Houston.
Up here in Canada, we can get the Fox broadcast straight from a station in Buffalo, with the Buck/McCarver "Cardinals Booster Squad" calling the game.

But, another channel up here -- another all-sports channel -- is taking the World Series feed from MLB International. I don't know who the play-by-play guy is, but the colour man is Rick Sutcliffe, and I've found them to be extremely fair and insightful.

Plus, the MLB International feed has a lot less flashy graphics, much fewer "This crotch-scratch is brought to you by Chevrolet" moments, less overly-theatrical music, fewer stupid graphics, and overall a much more relaxed approach.

I've found it to be a thousand times better than Fox, really... it lets the game do the talking, instead of trying to dress everything up in whiz-bang-ery.

Go Tigers!!!

...if the rain ever stops.
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