"No, Dunc... Oh My God."

Some people know how to celebrate winning the World Series in style, and some people (Chris Duncan) just dry hump the freaking trophy:

And then strip down to their spandex shorts, take their tops off, and just hang out:


It's like he is staring straight into my soul.
Before this picture, I was kind of hoping we could trade Dunc for a pitcher or something..... but now, I think I want to marry him.
Dunc is my hero.
ugliest dude i may have ever seen and the commish should fine him
Looks like Britney's search for a new man is over!
is that dip in his mouth still? i guess he never takes that shit out. that shit is really gettin to his head. yikes
Seconds after the picture was taken, Duncan dropped the trophy and kicked it halfway to second base.
It kinda looks like Elvis and Colonel Parker have come back from the grave:)
I am surprised he didn't drop it!
It's a shame you can't see the bruise on his face, left by the ball that hit him (err, he dropped) out in right field, that same night. Party on Dunc!
He can dry hump me any day! The man is HOT!
hahah Chris Duncan is one crazy fella! I remember when I met him, he was nice but that crazy, thanks to him I made good money though price per head wagering
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