The Day Before

Read that headline.

Let it sink in...

wait for it...

wait for it...


It's the day before the Saint Louis Cardinals play in the World Series for the first time in many of our adult lives.

Every kid at school today was still drunk. Nobody in our generation here in the STL have had a need to celebrate like we did last night. But we did, and we did.

Pins and needles. That is the only way I can describe the STL right now. On pins and needles. A lot of people were nervous before and during the NLCS. It doesn't feel that way now.

Cardinal Nation is excited, not nervous. Excited for a world championship. Excited to celebrate like we have never celebrated before.

Tonight, I ended up at the President Casino and I walked in knowing "I will not lose tonight." Thirty minutes later, after I was down $200...naturally, I went to the bar to drown my sorrows. I walked back to the tables later to see how my roomate Andy was doing at the roulette wheel and I thought to myself, right then and there "I'm betting on black!" (Damn you Wesley Snipes for planting that idea in my head!) I pulled the last $40 out of my wallet and put it on black. Five minutes later I was up $300.

Nobody loses in St. Louis. Not in October.

Today will be forever known as "The Day Before." Contrast that with what the Red Sox Nation calls "The Day After." What, are you just happy to be here? There is another series to win. The World Series.

At the casino tonight there was a kid wearing a Red Sox T-Shirt. Under any other circumstances I would have gone over to him, exchanged hi-fives and pleasantries and we would have bought each other beers. Instead I just galnced at his shirt, knowing that what his shirt represents is what's standing in the way of a Cardinals World Championship. I also noticed that every other person who saw this kid looked at him vengefully.

Another observation from the roulette wheel: I have never seen so many bets placed on 33, 5, 27, and 15 (The numbers of Larry Walker, Alber Pujols, Scotty "Ballgame" Rolen, and Jim Edmonds, respectively.)

Yeah, you could say that this is a baseball town.


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