"What did you do in the war, grandpa?" "I was a jackass."

I picked up a scanner over the weekend, in order to preserve all of my old mementos and crap which will be destroyed in a massive fire on April 12th in one of the greatest insurance scams the world has ever seen just in case something happens. I started scanning some old photos today and came across this scene which my buddies Brandon, O.G., and myself played out when we were killing some time during the war. We thought it was funny; wives and girlfriend? Not so much.

Dumb bitches.

Brandon: "Man... This whole war things sucks."
Al: "Yeah, it's pure butthole."
O.G.: "But at least I got to grow this creepy moustache!"

Brandon: "Whoa, what's that?"
Al: "I don't know... It looks like a missile or a bomb or a soda machine or something. Better put our gas masks on."
O.G.: "But there's three of us and only two gas masks!"

Al: "Well, then... GIVE ME THAT GAS MASK!"
Brandon: "NEVER!"
O.G.: "Ohgodohgodofgod!"


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Wait... why didn't OG just put his mask on?
I don't think we ever figured that out.
Story time is the best. And yeah, OG wasn't very smart, was he?

you look lean and not fat.
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