Mr Men

I had totally forgotten about these.

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I'm Going To Go On Record Here

If the Saint Louis Rams win four games this year, I will throw them a parade down my street.




Sofa King

Gold, Jerry. Lowest common denominator gold.

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In Case You Were Wondering

Just short of 1,000 people have searched the internets wondering about "sarah palin sextapes" and have hit this blog. Love her or hate her, the American public wants to hit that. Even after that speech of hers (and I could not have disliked it more -- although McCain's was decent yesterday) which was nothing but smarmy, sarcastic jokes told by a person with a prominent smirk and no real substance or solutions regarding the economy, the war, or to the impending energy crisis (it's only going to get worse) other than drilling for more oil (predominantly in a state where her husband happens to work for British Petroleum).

While this may be a bit of hypocrisy considering I have not graduated from college, having a VP who has no advanced degrees after going through colleges like Shawn Kemp does women, and a President who was a serial underachiever in his academic life does not sound like something which I want to live through again for another four to eight years. I'm sick of the American people electing to office "guys/gals they'd like to have a beer with." I'd like to see someone who is obviously smarter than I, joe twelvepack, lead this great nation of ours.

John McCain, eight years ago, struck me as an honest, hard working man, and one that I would have voted for if the 2000 primaries had turned out differently (thanks, Rove). Now, after not only kneeling before the corrupt system which knocked him out of those primaries in South Carolina (if ever there was a time for a man to turn "I" it was then), but also continuously endorsing a war which a fucking 22 year old United States Marine Corps Corporal knew was built on faulty intelligence and fought not with, but against the brilliant doctrine which the then Secretary of State had crafted after his experience in Vietnam, I see him as nothing but yet another weak, little man, without the power to do anything in the Oval Office and with a 40-something far-right, extremely religious, oil drillin', snow "machine" racin', opposin' of stem cell research even though it could have helped her own child, "pitbull with lipstick" down the hall to take over in case a 72 year old five time cancer survivor would unfortunately pass. Not exactly the position this country needs to be in.


I know this rant wont change anyone's mind, for better or for worse, if they were to hold the election tomorrow it would be no different an outcome than it will be sixty days from now (unless Biden says something really stupid, which he will).

But I have to put this out there: John McCain being president a week ago did not scare me. But now that he/she (Palin) has stirred the religious right once again, the thought of a republican presidency for yet another four years scares the proverbial pants off of me.

Religion has absolutely no fucking place in American politics, and in the last eight years it has helped to destroy through fear and manipulation what should be the golden age of information. I don't want another 4/8 like this.

Of course all of this ranting is in vein, as there is no way America will elect a black man president (I'll be surprised if Senator Obama is still alive by the election).

And, to sum up the last week in media:

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