The End of the Election Season

Watching Fox News at work these past few days, it is good to see the nation is back to caring about what we should: Missing white people and gas prices.

The ridiculous election cycle has blown us all like a two dime whore, and I, for one, am thankful for it to be over and to not take away crabs from the whole ordeal.

But judging from some of the more hard core right that I work with, the division has yet to break. "No, I don't think Obama will get sworn in with a Koran" (but what if he did? What the hell would be wrong with that?), "No, I don't think he'll have Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre over for the inauguration", "Yes, he's already thanked me for my vote. He sent over a bottle of water which quickly turned into a nice, meaty Merlot." My favorite, of course, was the oft-repeated "He's going to be worse than Carter. We're taking back congress in two years and the White House in 2012!"

I'd like to defer my opinion of his presidency until two or three years from now, but passing judgment two days after the election sounds reasonable, too.

A rush to judgment almost always seems wise. That's what makes one "The Decider." (Okay, final Bush cheap shot.)

I had, in my head -- as my heart couldn't accept it -- coped with the idea of a McCain presidency. That as long as Senator McCain promised to live for the next four years, and that if he were to die, we could just plug him into a wall or something to keep him alive, I would accept his presidency with open arms, as it means the American people had spoken and chose him, and hell, he can't be worse than the last guy. Almost all of the republicans I work with agreed with that.

The point is, I'd give McCain a shot. Until he fucked it up (Re: Bush: Iraq war, Gitmo, Katrina, general worldwide diplomacy, the socialist bailout), I'd give him my full support.

Heck, truth be told, I thought George W Bush was doing a pretty damn good job as president until I found myself driving a humvee aboard the USS Ashland in January of 2003 and thinking to myself "Is this really fucking happening?" So, yeah, homeboy got a shot.

And if you're not willing to give Obama a chance, it will be nothing but a self fulfilling prophecy.

But in the end, it will probably all play out as the geniuses Trey Parker and Matt Stone ended this week's fantastic South Park episode: The hard core democrats will be flustered he's not changing enough and the moderate republicans will realize he's not a socialist, communist, Muslim, Marxist, radical Christian, Arab, anti-Semite, illegal alien, Nazi after all; and, in the interest of self preservation for himself and his party runs a barely left of center presidency.

And this incredibly moderate country of ours, which a decade ago was slight to the left, and now is slightly to the right, will again, cyclically, be slightly to the left.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

And so, for the next four or so years, I leave the politickin' on ye olde blog and focus on bringing my sweet, sweet Edgar Renteria back to St Louis.

But until then, "Celebrate good Obama, come on! Its Obama-Obama!"

[enjoy the fall, everyone. it's chili weather!]

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To President-Elect Barack Obama.

Now, for the hard part: the Secret Service's Super Bowl of keeping him alive.

And, later, Don't fuck it up, Barry. A whole lot of us normal people believe in you.


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