I Don't Even Know Me Anymore

I have no idea why I still have this blog. It's more than apparent that I am updating as infrequently as possible; what's ol' Al been up to you ask? Well, since I last regularly posted, I've gone back to working for el governmento --in a capacity which I actually enjoy, meaning that for the first time since I worked at the neighborhood Thompson Food Basket back in '97, I am getting paid to do something which I like and that every day is no longer the worst day of my life (it got to the point at my last job that I would think to myself, driving in, that I wouldn't mind getting in a car accident. That was the time to get out. And to get some xanax) -- The Wife and I have bought a house, we're a few weeks away from getting a dog, and I may or may not have a man crush on Brian Barton. So, as you can see, stuff has happened; just not a lot.

The main problem with keeping up on this blog thing is the new job. My last job left me with, out of seven hours in the office, six and a half hours of downtime a day (seriously). The new gig allows me about half an hour of brain off time per day. And if I'm not on my toes, from time to time there is a distinct possibility that someone might die, which is a hell of a lot more motivating (and at the end of the day, gratifying) than working just hard enough to not be hassled or fired.

So what becomes of the FYC as Al enters this summer (and possible beyond) of adulthood, responsibilities, and drunkenness (I haven;t changed that must)?

I don't know. I hope to post more often, albeit probably short thoughts, but we shall see.

Until then, watch this:

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