Quick World Series Thoughts

Belliard's afro disappearing before Game 3 is sad on too many levels to count.

Every day I go into work, I drive by my company's skywalk over I-44 which has glowing letters reading "GO CARDS." And almost everyday of the playoff's, we have been allowed to wear Cardinals jerseys and tees into work. Hell, even The Lady Friends company, which abides by a strict business-business dress code, is letting their employees wear Cards stuff this week.

It's as if the entire city of St. Louis is one giant High School and the World Series is cause for one giant pep-rally.

I love this fucking town.

Someday, I will go through puberty. And when I do, I can not wait to grow a playoff beard. With the exception of Chris Duncan's Klopek-esque monstrosity, I am thoroughly enjoying the playoff beard phenomenom here in the StL.

Since it is highly likely that Game 5 will be Jim Edmonds last game at Busch wearing the Birds on the Bat, I really do hope that Jimmy Baseball gets a standing O for every single thing which he does during the game.

If you're in attendence, please make it happen. Even though I am 26 years old and it's weird to be such a fan of a guy who is pretty much my age; Jimmy Baseball has officially reached the point of "My Favorite Cardinal Ever."

He has been so clutch since 2000 and given so much of himself to the team and to the city... Lets remind him of why he signed that "Hometown Contract" right after he got here.

I honestly doubt we will ever see a better CFer roaming the lawn for the Cards again any time soon... if ever.

And good God has he ever come up clutch in this postseason?

If this week is indeed his swan song, let him hear it, Cards fans.

We will miss you if you leave, JimE. Even if you wear eyeliner, belly shirts and a jacket under your jersey.

Thanks for being around now.



I'm not saying Fernando Rodney was high as all shit-out during last night's game, but the last time my eyes were that bloodshot, I ate 22 tacos, drank 9 Sprites, and jerked off into a pile of leftover breakfast casserole.

Johnny Cougar: I used to love ya, man. I saw you at Farm Aid '97 and after Neil Young got done lecturing the whole crowd and brought us all down below the Earth for being nothing but a crowd of wasteful and ugly Americans; your Americana folk rock set was just what the doctor ordered.

I also saw you play a show at Assembly Hall in Bloomington, IN during the Little 500 in Spring of '98. It knocked my proverbial socks off.

That being said, this whole hostile takeover of the World Series by you and Chevy is too much. I'm cutting ties with you and your entire catalog for the next five years.

It will be better that way.

I can't wait for the musical stylings of one Billy Ray Cyrus tonight.

And, no, that's not a joke.

(Actually, the "I can't wait for it" part is a joke. The fact that Billy Ray will be performing at Busch tonight is not.)

Seriously,… can any of you actually believe that this Cardinals team is two wins away form a Championship? Unbelievable.

What a weird freaking season.

Between FOX's radar gun picking up Suppan at 92 and Zumaya at 103 during their respective CS's... and now with Anthony Reyes clocking out at 85 and Zoom at 99, I will not be shocked if FOX has Soup throwing a -28mph changeup tonight.

Do you want to know how inaccurate the "FOX TRAX" box is? They actually have me being listed as sober when this picture was taken:

As always, Go St Phils Tigers... Go St Louis Cardinals!

(And, since that pic was taken while doing a super rock out to ELO's "Showdown" and drinking a strong to very-strong vodka-lemonade on an unforgetable but barely rememberable Saturday night: "Go Dogtown House Parties!")


You ugly, drunken bastard!

-Who is that dirty fucking Italian with the V-neck undershirt sitting next to you?

-Best Cardinal Team ever!

-It really sucks that Jimmy had to suck so bad this year, cause that's all that people are going to remember.

-So Taguchi's sliding catch = hilarious. That japanese man slid like 10 yards.

-Dogtown parties are incredible.

-Fuck everybody in this country who didn't give the cardinals a fucking chance in the playoffs. Eat your fucking words you assholes. (kieth law = dumb ass douchebag)

-The only way this world series could be better is if we still had Hector Luna. (R.I.P.)

Hell of a game by Carpenter last night. If I was wearing a cap right now, I'd have tipped it to him.

That being said, the Tigers looked like their bats were made of limp linguine last night. Granderson, Polanco and Rodriguez are a combined 0-for-Series, and that simply cannot continue.
I hate Keith Law so much I can't stand it. What has this guy been right about in the entire postseason? And he's a "scout"? What exactly does the job title "special assistant" mean anyway? I'll tell you what: blowjobs.
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