Cocktails & Dreams

Over the last two or three weeks, I’ve noticed something different with the Cardinals. Nobody is really playing any differently then they were earlier in the summer; but they’re finally playing as a team, as if they actually enjoyed playing together.

Guys have been wearing the striped high socks. Everybody is chewing tobacco now. They’re laughing. After Ronnie Belliard went yard in the top of the second yesterday, Albert Pujols and he did one of the more elaborate hand shake -> Hug combos I have ever seen. All of a sudden, we’re two or three playoff beards away from this ball club leading the league in “Good Vibes.”

These guys look like they’re having fun. For the first time since early May, they look like they’re enjoying playing baseball. It’s nice to see.

Last night, listening to Shannon and Rooney call the Cards - Brewers game, I dozed off around the sixth inning with the Cards up 4 to 2.

I had a dream. I dreamt that the Cardinals won the World Series. Actually the dream was of me watching a highlight film of the Cards October run of 2006.

They beat the Dodgers in the NLDS behind two shutdown starts by Chris Carpenter and one walk off homer by El Hombre.

Down three games to one in the NLCS to the Mets, the Redbirds took it to seven games after a dramatic pinch-hit, walk off homer by a semi-concussed Jim Edmonds in game five, and a great start by Jeff Suppan in game six. Game seven was won by (who else) Carp and Pujols.

The Minnesota Twins awaited the Cards in the World Series. My premonition gets a little fuzzy here, but I remember a dramatic Chris Duncan homerun and Adam Wainwright striking out the final batter to win it all.

And the whole highlight reel was synched up with ELO’s “Showdown.” It was awesome.

I liked that dream.

Meanwhile, back in reality, I have to wonder if the Cardinals can possibly succeed with 2 ½ starting pitchers, two concussed former all-stars, no real closer, a rookie left fielder who has no idea how to play in the outfield, and a bunch of guys who have been designated for assignment by other teams? Logically, I don’t see how in the world this team can make it past the NLDS.




I think you, me and seven nuns with Down Syndrome can take the NL pennant in five games...but best of luck anyway.
Nice going ass-face. You just jinxed us. Now we won't even get into the playoffs.
Jinxes are about as real as my dignity.*

Back here in the real world, all we have to worry about is the fact that this Cardinals team actually stinks.

*That is to say, they do not exist.
I'm shocked that you didn't suggest the Tigers as the AL's victors.
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