Is That A Tear In My Beer?

"Are the Saint louis Cardinals trying to lose the World Series?", you ask.

"Maybe," I answer. "Maybe."

"Will they at least try to make it competitive tonight?", you ponder.

"Probably not," I sigh.

While listening to local talk radio after last night's 4-1 laugher (the score doesn't show how far away the Cards were from victory, even though it was only a 4 run deficit most of the game) most people were talking about how if we're going to lose to an American League club, it might as well be the Red Sox.
That is not what you want to hear after a WS game 3.
Your team. Basically conceding game 4 and handing the title to the Junior Circuit. Sweet.
I have no real comments about how the Birds have been playing. Their actions speak louder than words ever could.
The word "Suppan" is now relative to doing something so stupid that it leaves spectators mouths open. As in "Dude, you pulled a major Suppan by not taking that chick home last night! What were you thinking?"

I had a decent little debate with a Cubs fan today in school. He said that if he had to choose between:
A) Losing in the World Series or

B) Not making it at all

He'd rather take B, not make it at all (what a typical cubs fan!)

I counteract by describing the difference between:
1) Last year's Cubs NLCS loss, when most of my Cub-fan friends were either catatonic or suicidal and

2) This year's NLCS Cardinals win, when the city of St Louis was drunk, jubliant, and in some cases, rather horny.

I'll take the St Louis option every chance I get.

Like Jason Lee says in Vanilla Sky "Without the bitter, the sweet don't taste so good."

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