Damn You, Sports...Damn You to Hell

Last weekend was supposed to be one of those weekends. Joyous. Boisterous. Unforgettable.

Nothing but good times, all around.

It started Saturday morning with a mix of booze, celebration, and confidence...all to be defeated by the bastard which is sports.

Saturday was set up to be an unforgettable day. University of Notre Dame v. University of Southern California at 2:30. St Louis Cardinals v. Houston Astros, Game 3 of the NLCS at 3:30. That's two of the most compelling sporting events of the year, side by side, on the same glorious Saturday in October. I had only one option: Cook up a shit load of chili and have a few dozen people over to the house. I wanted as many good folks around me as possible at the moment that the Cardinals took a 2-1 lead over the Astros and the Irish took down the number one team in the land.

By the time kickoff in South Bend rolled around, spirits were high and beer was flowing. Within a few hours, the spirits would be down, but the beer would still be flowing.

It became apparent when Hector Luna threw a ball to home plate and looked more like Smalls from "The Sandlot" than a major league baseball player, that the Cardinals were not going to win. By the time Brad Lidge got the last merciful out, I was way too many beers deep and ready to watch the kids in South Bend party.

A few minutes later, after USC recorded one of the luckiest fumbles I have ever witnessed, Matt Leinart snuck his way into the end zone with three seconds left on the clock. Ballgame. And my teams went 0-2 on the day. Anyone want to guess what I did after that? Yep...drank an amazing amount of whiskey and ended up dancing in my living room like a maniac to "Moving Out" by Billy Joel. Sweeeet, Al.

Sunday could have brought redemption. If the Cards tie their series up 2-2, it's still good. At least that means the series is going back to Busch. But, alas, around the same time Jim Edmonds is taking the worse strike ever called and getting run out of the game, I realized the 'Stros weren't losing that one. The umps just weren't going to let them.

Even down 3-1, I'm not willing to say that this series is over. Why? Because it's not fucking over.

I remember 1996 pretty well, and I remember a Cardinals team choking away a 3-1 NLCS lead to the Braves.

I remember 2003 pretty well, and I remember the Marlins coming back from being down 3-1 in the NLCS, and they were also going up against a fantastic three-some of pitchers, albeit Chicago Cubs pitchers.

And I remember 2004. And I remember the Red Sox being down 3-0 to the Yankees in the ALCS. And I also remember the Red Sox, not the Yankees, eventually winning the World Series.

This ain't fucking over.

What can the Cardinals do to get back in this thing and really give them a chance to win?

Simple. Quit sucking.

It really is that simple. This is far and away the worst three games the Cardinals have played in succession all year. You want to win? Quit playing like crap.

And if they go out like whimpering little bitches again tonight (yes, I'm talking about Albert Pujols not power slamming Brad Ausmus at the plate last night in the ninth inning. If you're 6'4", 220lbs, don't do a fancy-dancy slide around the catcher...Railroad that son of a bitch) I'm enacting a month long moratorium on myself from watching sports, beginning post-World Series.

Because I am sick and fucking tired of sports kicking me in the nuts.

Was it your world famous Chilli.

Vinatieri Chilli

"The Chilli with a Kick"
You know it, dawg.

"Vinateiri Chilli...always comes through in the clutch."
haha I had a time when I hated sports, but then I had a crush on a soccer female player and it changed it all LOL now I even make money though sports pay per head bookmaking and life is good!
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