Oh, hello, internet.

Sorry for not talking to you in a bit. I assure you, it's me, not you. Nothing you did. I just... have... issues.

Anyhoo, how's it been? Everything good? Good.


This might sound a little awkward, but... I... forgot to tell you, I have a new blog.

I write there every Friday now... Yeah, I'm over there.

They're paying me and everything. Totally on the up and up. Check it out... You know, if it's not too awkward.

Saint Louis SBNation.

Well, five more work days until I have a nine day stay-cation; full of disappointing Cardinals baseball, random Saint Louis touristy stuff, wine, The Burbs, riding a motorcycle (!) and laziness.

Have a great summer, internet!

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"I'll be dead in the cold, cold ground before I recognize the state of Missouri."