Going Home, Down 2 to 0

Two games to none. Not exactly the situation that I want to be in, but with the way that the Cardinals played over the weekend, there really is no alternative, now is there?

I'm not sure that the Red Sox won Saturday night's game as much as the Cardinals lost it. Throw in Sunday's abysmal pitching performance by the Birds...well, shit we need to get back to Busch. We need to get back to Busch, fast.

When the opposing team commits eight errors over two games and you don't win either of the two, that is totally inexcusable. The only good news about The Series is that it's headed back to Busch where the Cards are undefeated this post season.

This is one of the most polite world championships I have ever seen. Both clubs respect the hell out of each other (and in the same boat; Red Sox Nation has love for Cardinals Nation and vice-versa.) There is absolutely no real animosity. It's almost like the prevailing theme of this Series is "May the best team win." I can't recall the last time a world championship was this cordial (Conclusion- Everybody is happy that the Yankees are watching this one from home.)

Jeff Suppan is tossing junk-balls tomorrow against Pedro. Normally, that line would make me throw up a little, but Supp did take down Clemens in NLCS game seven. Fuck, anything is possible.

Anything. Is. Possible.

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