Oh, Albert... You're Alright in My Book

Can a team that has gone through two separate eight game losing streaks and one seven game slide actually make the playoffs? Maybe... But only in this year's craptastic National League.

Can they make some noise once the get in? No.

But Pujols can.

It's not that unimaginable really, is it? Is there anything El Hombre can't do? He can win a World Series by himself, right?

Fuck it, Tony; put him into the rotation, too. Let's see what the kids got. If you don’t think he would throw a no-hitter, you're only fooling yourself.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2006 National League MVP: Albert Pujols.

[This is where I should probably confess to missing Albert’s home run last night. I was hurrying between the kitchen and the living room last night with two piping hot bowls of bread soup (bread soup? You ask. Yes, bread soup. It’s surprisingly delicious, thank you very much. In fact, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. I could really go for an Italian sandwich right now. Fuck… is Quizno’s open at 4:45am? They should be.) and heard the crack of the bat while I was walking through the dining room. By the time I got to the TV (which is all of seven feet away from where I was), the ball was already rattling around in the upper deck. Damn you, dinner. I’ll get you back for this… someday.]

Kudos Bars are also being given out to Scott Rolen for beating his recent case of SARS, Anthony Reyes for somehow sweating through his hat on a 65 degree night, and Ronnie Belliard for just being Ronnie Belliard (he's hilarious!)

Also, hooray for Adam Wainwright! The Bulge gets into his first real save situation of the year and K's two with that nastier than Janet Jackson deuce of his. Sure that double was pure Isringhausen, but Cardinals arch nemesis Dave Roberts grounding out to end the most important game of the year was a nice touch.

So the magic number now sits at 4, having moved for the first time in half a fortnight, and if everything lines up correctly, those tickets I have for Saturday's game against the Brewers could very well help me see a division clincher. I've never seen an important game in person -- sure, I've been at a few games that a few people remember (Reggie’s grand slam last year, Eckstein’s walk off suicide squeeze, a couple of Will Clark moments in 2000) -- but no perfect games or clinchers or anything like that.

The most memorable game I have seen in person would probably be Rick Ankeil's meltdown in the 2000 NLDS. I don't want that to be my most rememberable (?) game any more. I want to be there for a clincher.

I want to spill beer all over people around me in celebration, instead of in a sick combination of lust and jerkassishness like I normally do.

That's all I really want.

Well, that and an Italian sandwich, of course. From Quizno’s.


My two most memorable games were both awful. First was the 2004 WS Game 4. Enough said.

Second was the 1996 NLCS Game 5. I remember my Dad often got tickets through work and my brother had gotten to go to the last few regular season games with him, so when this game came up it was all mine. I was excited about going to my first playoff game and possibly a clincher for the Cards to go to the WS, as they were up 3-1 at that point. Mmmm, let's look at that box score:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Atlanta Braves 5 2 0 3 1 0 0 1 2 14 22 0
St. Louis Cardinals 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7 0

Awesome. I never heard the end of it from my brother.
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