Boooo You, Hollywood Liberal Elite

I'm watching the incredible boring Oliver Stone movie "W" right now and a scene just popped out that took the movie from crappy (although the dialougue between Powell and Cheney heading into GWII is awesome) to throwaway ridiculous:

George W and George HW Bush are walking in the outfield at the ol' Ranger Stadium (or whatever it was called) in 1990 and HW says "well, you've done a heck of a job, son."

"Even though I traded Sammy Sosa?" asks W.

"We all make mistakes," advises Sr.

Well, the Rangers traded Sosa before the 1990 season to the White Sox, where Shootin' Sammy put up a whopping 92 OPS+. Sammy Sosa wasn't "good" until 1993 and wasn't great until 1998.

I'd be willing to bet nobody really noticed the Sosa trade back in 1990, let alone think of it enough to highlight it as the point of Bush's ownership at that point.

There is more than enough info to kick George W Bush around about, Ol Stone, no need to lie about baseball.

You, sir, have shamed yourself, and America.




Where We Are Headed

The more and more I hear about the economic stimulus plan the incoming presidential administration is waiting to adopt, the more I think someone high up reads my blog.

Just legalize pot and get it over with, Big O.

Seriously, this old idea string sounds realistic now, no?

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Sound Offs!

I have been meaning, for quite some time, to start capturing the fantastic letters to the editors sent to the St Louis Post Dispatch sports section (titled "Sound Off") in digital form on this here neglected rag, but have been unsuccessful since nobody has written anything in the last few months other than something trivial about the Rams, whom I don't care about (and who owe me a parade, I do believe).

Then, the dam burst. The dam being Aaron Miles and the water bursting Aaron Miles (gross?) being idiots who still miss Joe McEwing and Stubby Clapp.

Case in point, letter #1 in today's paper:

Working For The Cubs?
Mr. John Mozeliak should be ashamed for not keeping Aaron Miles,1 who gave so much to St. Louis.2 And now the Cubs will have another one of our good players.3

Albert Pujols cannot win games without help from players like Aaron Miles.4 Does anyone think that our general manager is helping our team or is he working for the Cubs?5

Virgina Coleman | St John

1. No, no he should not be.
2. No, no he didn't.
3. No, no they wont.
4. Yes, yes he can.
5. Only you, Virgina.

Or, this one:

Undervalued player

Aaron Miles was the type of scrappy ballplayer whose presence in the lineup would win games for you.1 In a crucial situation when you needed to put the ball in play, he would get the job done.2 He was the most undervalued player on a team that had a litany of overvalued underachievers like Mulder, Carpenter, Izzy, and Rolen.3

It is obvious that Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak has a narrow perspective when it comes to his assessment of the value of personnel.4 I am sure when given the opportunity, Aaron Miles can't wait to slap one of those opposite-field hits to beat the Cardinals.5

Gary Halm | Des Peres

1. a) Scrappy!
b) Aaron Miles is a 32 year old back up second baseman who last year, the best offensive year of his career, had an OPS+ of 99, which is below average,even with the help of a ridiculously high BABIP of .343.
2. With that 54% groundball rate, I'm sure he might. And it will probably be a ground out.
3. Nobody overvalued Mulder or Izzy, Rolen wasn't even on the fucking team last year, and I still hold out hope for Carp. Miles made $1.4 million last year to be an average offensive bat and a below average glove. He was far from being the most undervalued Cardinal. That would be Mark Worrell (just ask him) or, really, Ryan Ludwick, who made $400K and put up a 150 OPS+.
4. Yes, John Mozeliak hates league average "utility players" who make $5 million for two years, the bastard.
5. He can take his negative WPA and try, Gary. But I'll bet you a case of Gold Bond Medicated Powder that doesn't happen and Miles goes the way of Abe Nunez, Hector Luna, and every other utility infielder that has thrived under Tony La Russa's micromanaging thumb only to go elsewhere and wind up playing in the Oblivian League within a few years.

Aaron Miles had a few fine AB's during the 2006 postseason, and I thank him for that. Aside from that magical month and a random grand slam last year, his greatest attribute was pitching from time to time, just because he has the same arsenal of a 76 mile per hour fastball and a lousy curve that I had in high school and I could live vicariously through him once or twice a year when the Redbirds were getting thumped.

He seems like a hell of a great guy (his hotel hostage story still amazes) and I wish him nothing but the best of luck, but also look forward to 2009 when he is replaced by Brian Barden/Joe Thurston/Brendan Ryan/Tyler Greene/Man on the Street, who will make the league min instead of $2.5 million, hopefully not strike out twice more than he walks (which will infuriate the same Miles loving Cardinals fans when it comes to a full year of K-Bot Greene), and is just as scrappy.

Unless that replacement actually is Joe Thurston, who is black. And everyone knows black people can't be scrappy unless their name is Howie and and they get hurt every other month.

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