Boooo You, Hollywood Liberal Elite

I'm watching the incredible boring Oliver Stone movie "W" right now and a scene just popped out that took the movie from crappy (although the dialougue between Powell and Cheney heading into GWII is awesome) to throwaway ridiculous:

George W and George HW Bush are walking in the outfield at the ol' Ranger Stadium (or whatever it was called) in 1990 and HW says "well, you've done a heck of a job, son."

"Even though I traded Sammy Sosa?" asks W.

"We all make mistakes," advises Sr.

Well, the Rangers traded Sosa before the 1990 season to the White Sox, where Shootin' Sammy put up a whopping 92 OPS+. Sammy Sosa wasn't "good" until 1993 and wasn't great until 1998.

I'd be willing to bet nobody really noticed the Sosa trade back in 1990, let alone think of it enough to highlight it as the point of Bush's ownership at that point.

There is more than enough info to kick George W Bush around about, Ol Stone, no need to lie about baseball.

You, sir, have shamed yourself, and America.


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