I'm not especially sure about what to say about tonights win. Jim Edmonds get alot of shit in this town about his (ahem) lifestyle ...but he just got a free pass on the "do-whatever-the-fuck-you-want-to-because-you-hit-the-game-winning-walk-off-home-run-in-extra-innings-in-game-six-of-a-must-win-NLCS-and-you-picked-up-an-entire-city-onto-your-shoulders bus." Enjoy the ride JimE...you deserve it

To help emphasize how much baseball means to America right now and how unbelievable this post season has been (for the second year in a row, mind you):Here is an e-mail from my buddy Josh. Josh is in Iraq right now, following baseball games like a drunk 22 year old living in Boston.

Well played, Josh, well played.

From Josh:

First of all, congrats on the w tonight. Second, did you see that mutherfucking grand slam by
the guy with the worst batting average this series? Johnny Damon coming on strong,
what a fucking whack.
I can't believe myeyes. I am shaking. I can barely type. My head is gonna explode. WOW.

Only in October. This is out-fucking-rageous. I love this fucking game. I love you October.


My reply:

I dont even know what to say anymore.

Jim Edmonds!!!

Johnny D!!!

If the red sox lose this game....

If the Cardinals lose tomorrow...

Tomorrow. Manana. Tomorrow. I prefer manana.

Manana is huge. Manana is hopes and dreams of a city and region and that of a nation within a nation (cardinals nation...here's your passport. welcome.)

You know what? Fuck it! Here's for tonight...right now...
Boston Red Sox...shutting up the fucking House That Ruth Built.

But still...manana

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