To President-Elect Barack Obama.

Now, for the hard part: the Secret Service's Super Bowl of keeping him alive.

And, later, Don't fuck it up, Barry. A whole lot of us normal people believe in you.


Will we need to wait until January for him to begin performing miracles? Or can he start now and give himself a head-start in January?

Will he use some of his extra campaign money to pay down the national deficit?
From watching both MSNBC and FOX NEWS the last two days, by the beginning of February, either the country will be perfectly fixed, or there will no longer be an America.

There is no middle ground.
Well he is the second coming of Christ, is he not?

Why else would 100,000 people show up to see him in St Louis, when they could have been working and earning an income for their families instead of attending the event.

As I've heard before...Make sure you drink lots of water because there are going to be a lot of salty crackers for the next cuople of months. And you can call me Mr. Saltine.
What kind of crazy work weeks are you proposing here, Jim? What people do on their Saturday afternoon is up to them.

(Why they'd want to stand around for five hours to hear a speech which had been given a hundred times before is beyond me.)
Sorry, I wasn't very clear with my point. Missouri's unemployment rate (last I saw) was 6.4% and Illinois' was 6.9%. In this election cycle, it appeared that the majority of the unemployed seemed to side with the Democrats. Taking these facts into account, one could extrapolate that the unemployment rate in the crowd was 10-15%. This means that 10,000 to 15,000 people at the rally were not currently employed. Therefore, my point is that these individuals' time could have been much better served if they had been looking for a job or working at a job that "was not up to their standards."

I also have to agree with you about hearing a used speech. I am sure that he is just like current rock bands in that they sound much better when recorded in sound studios.
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