Battle of the Sucks

Last night's rainout did two things:
  1. Allowed me to take a much needed nap before heading into the office.
  2. Forced me to watch more of "The War at Home" than I had ever planned on watching. Which was about 10 minutes.
I loathe (loathe) Michael Rapaport. Have ever since he was on "Murphy Brown." A mid-90's "MTV Rock n' Jock B-Ball Jam" appearance (which I may or may not be imagining -- I put too much peyote into my pasta last night) didn't help matters and the "hip teacher role" he had on "Boston Public" sealed his place in my book: The man sucks out loud and is about as funny as getting punched in the crotch.

But about a year ago, someone just as horrible burst onto Comedy Central. He was being marketed as the latino Dave Chapelle -- fresh, edgy, funny, in yo-face! -- unfortunatly, most of his material was about as original as Gallagher smashing a melon and telling a Dan Quayle joke. His name, of course, is Carlos Mencia.

Two men -- neither of whom are even remotly funny -- who get paid (with money!) to make people laugh. And fail miserbly.

Now, after thinking it over, I can not decide who I like less. Steam is shooting out of my ears right now as I try to form an opinoin of who is less funny. The only thing I can think about is how much these two assclowns are ruining America. So I leaving this one up to you, Internets. Who ya got?

I will give Mencia some credit...he's a little funnier and much more mellow than he used to be. I saw the angry Mencia at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles 10 years ago. An experience I'll never forget, especially as my friends and I were at the center front table. Being yelled at for over an hour is not my idea of comedy.

Anyway, the only thing Rapaport has been remotely good in was 'Beautiful Girls' in 1996, but it probably had more to do with the movie itself, and less with him.
Fritz is going to have to get out the Diebold computers and rig the vote on this one.

Neck and neck!
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