Fun With School

One week of school is complete, and I did not miss a single class. A few highlights of the week:

- While discussing possible topics to give a speech on in my public speaking class, the aforementioned extremely foreign man said (in rather broken English) "Why your country no allows polygamy."
- If you drive around a college campus blasting your local "Oldies" station, you will get some strange glances. Frankie Valli's "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" probably gathered the most favorable responses from the youngsters.
- Smoking is extremely cool (and popular!) with college kids. I'm contemplating starting back up.
- I had forgotten what a big deal it was for someone to be 21 years old. I'm concerned some of these guys may take their lives when they realize how anti-climatic that birthday really is.
- Guy #1 Who Needs To Be Strangled: to quote "Our imperialistic government needs to realize that not every country needs a democracy just like ours. We're just creating puppet regimes to serve our self interests."
- Followed up by Chick #1 Who Needs To Be Strangled: "At least its not being done by our government behind some sort of smokescreen to overthrow a legitimate government in Latin America, which happens on a regular basis."
- Followed up by me: "This is a geography class, kids. Pipe down."
- I used to think I might enjoy studying philosophy...but when our professor, Skip (yeah, Skip) asked himself "Maybe this desk isn't really here and we're all just dreaming together that it is" and then took a few moments of quiet time to think about it...man, I really needed a beer.

On a brighter note, the chicks are still hot.

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