It's Been a Feelin' Alright Weekend

In case anyone has been wondering why I haven't had too much to say lately, well... I've just been feelin' alright the last few days. My buddy Matt drove down to the StL from Chicago for some recruitment over the weekend and his wingman, Vince, came down from the Twin Cities.

The roomates and I are very interested in getting Matt to move down here at the end of the month. In recruitment standards that would blow away James Caan's in The Program, we took Matt out for a wild weekend of cold beers and loose morals. As expected, stupidity won in straight sets.

Friday night involved 60 cans of Busch, a blues band, some 19 year old girls, and a few dozen city ordances being broken both in our house and on our back porch between the hours of 2 am and 5 am.

After a late Friday night, we decided to take it easy on Saturday. We lounged around until about 2 pm (when poor Andy finally came home from work) and we headed to the local tavern for some wings and bloody marys. Five hours later, when we left the bar, we were all well on our way to being (technically speaking) fucking wasted. We got back to the house, threw some burgers on the grill, cracked open a few Busch heavies, showered up, and headed down the street to see a great little band named "Dangerous Kitchen."

From that point, there are a few scenes which might be somewhere on the cutting room floor, because I just can't recall what happened.

The highlight of the weekend: Nobody being arrested

2nd place highlight: A dance off while "Dangerous Kitchen" played, which John Lithgow's Footloose character, the Rev. Shaw Moore, surely would have disaproved of.

Matt wonders how to get to the
back porch

Dude, you've got some fucking potential.

No internet celebrity like me, but still...
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