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From William McKinney, star of the hit television show Elimidate, concerning the US Olympic basketball team's 92 - 73 loss to Puerto Rico, on the same day that Iraq's soccer team was defeating Costa Rica:
"I am claiming the Iraqi soccer team, the Puerto Rican basketball team, and any other country that we support financially as an American team. Since we have to solve their problems, we should get credit for anything good they do, at least until they can fix their own fucking country."
For the record, Will is still pissed about recognizing the right midfielder on Iraq's soccer team as the guy who swindled him out of a copy of "High Society" in An Nasiriyah.

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He didn't take me for a porn, I shot his dog. I am just glad to see he finally got a pair of shoes. I mean shit he was getting about $300 a day selling piss water he called soda to Marines.
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