Seven Quick Thoughts

I am not sure if you are aware of the magic that is the number Seven, but it is the pinnacle of the numbers one through ten. Ask George Costanza. He can be reached at (423) 309-9327....SO without further ado...Seven Quick Thoughts After Watching Goodfellas this afternoon.

If I ever date a girl named Karen, she will be told, at least once a day that "Nobody's going to jail Karen!"

That freaking wop who played "Carbone"...Best acting job by an Italian....EVER!

There is no way Paulie and his fat fucking fingers could have sliced garlic with a razor blade. Have you ever tried this? It cannot be done, especially if you're a fat fucking dego.

Has there ever been a worse argument than Lori not flying without her lucky hat? I am not a mobster, nor have I ever pretended to be one, and even I would have told Lori to "Shut the fuck up and get on that goddamn airplane!"
Henry Hill, have you no balls, sir?

Spider, buddy, I love you to death and you DEFINITELY have got some spunk, but why would you tell Tommy to "Go fuck yourself?" I know he shot you in the foot and everything, but you never, never ever-ever-ever-ever-ever tell a Joe Pesci character to go fuck himself. I am more than fairly certain that if Maculy Caulkin would have told Pesci to go fuck himself in the first Home Alone that there would NOT have been a sequal.

Jimmy might have been Bob DeNiro's weakest character this side of Analyze That. At least in This Boy's Life he repeatedly beat the shit out of Leo DiCaprio. Trying to off Karen Hill with empty promises of nice dresses located in a shady brick store? For shame Bobby. For shame. You, sir, make me ill.

If prison life holds as much booze, lobsters, and Pall Malls as Goodfellas depicts that it does....To quote don't be a Menace to South Central..."Lock me up....And throw away the key!"

Any and all feedback WILL be sent to alxfritz@gmail.com

Now, if you'll excuse me, John Mabry's at my door, he wants to borrow a cup of sugar....gotta go.


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