Considering most people who read this currently reside in Mesopotamia, I apologize if any of you get pissed off because I'm doing stuff that you would like to be doing. Wait, I don't give a fuck. Fuck you, asshole, focus on your war.

Anyhoo...last night's Wilco show at the Fox Theatre in StL was tremendous. A really cool venue, a very respectful audience, and one of the greatest bands in the world. Quite a solid evening.

I'm hopping a flight to Austin, Texas tomorow to meet up with Elimidate's own William McKinney. A three day outdoor music festival in 98 degree tempatures? I smell a heat stroke. But, with a lineup like this ( http://www.aclfestival.com/schedulegrids.html) I'll take my chances.

In other news,

I am currently looking for three people:
1) Gene Harlow
2) Eli White
3) Bo Jackson

If you have any information regarding any of those three, please shoot an e-mail to alxfritz@budweiser.com

Also, the following things are cool:
1) Notre Dame Football (for the time being, at least)
2) Baseball cards
3) Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages
4) Tacos
5) Gypsies (assuming they're on your side)

The following things are uncool:
1) Slow moving minorities
2) Ethnic cleansing
3) Weirdos
4) Care Bears (who the fuck designed those things anyway?)
5) Anything which entails responsibility

Don't let those assholes get to you Al. They are making you post stuff you don't want to. They are changing your message and I don't like it. I want the old Al back.
I call for Al Fritz to release all of his millitary records.
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