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It's been a while since the last little post. Damn this beer swilling town...wild nights at bars, trips to the Ozarks and crazy little redneck bars, school, more school, and a 4.o gpa (so what if I've only had two quizzes, back off.)

Anyhoo...I'm taking off for a straight-up sober weekend at my grandparents lake in Indiana. I've got to get my relaxing in before next week... The Killers concert Monday, Wilco on Wednseday, and Austin City Limits Festival in Te-has over the weekend.

My favorite finding over the week was the Jay-Z/Weezer mix "The Black and Blue Album." It's on a few bit-torrent sites and it is WELL fucking worth the free download. Trust me.

You should probably mail a copy of that CD to your boys in Iraq.
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