Congratulations Everybody!

While still waiting for my first GI Bill payment (Damn you, Washington fat cats!) I decided maybe I should get a job. While narrowing down my job search, I asked myself some questions:
1) What do I enjoy in life?
A: Vodka, Wine, Girls, Sandwiches
2) How much responsibilities do I really want right now?
A: Not bloody much
3) What is more important: Being punctual, well organized, and courteous....or being hungover after watching the Cardinals win playoff baseball games?
A: No contest: Hungover in a landslide
4) Well then, asshole, where should you work?
A: A deli!

That's how it came to be that Al Fritz now slings sandies for a living down at Blues City Deli (http://www.bluescitydeli.com) It's a decent gig that pays well, my boss is great, and I won't be paying for food again anytime soon. Last Saturday, I made a Sicilian (the sandwich, not the person) for hockey star Brett Hull. Shit, he's got nothing better to do right now than to eat sandies.

Something on my mind: will the sports world please quit pretending that the death of Ken Caminitti was shocking. This guy did more steroids and blow than any person could take. I think his heart actually quit working April 12, 1997 but his body had been running on testosterone and coke since then.

Anyhoo...tomorrow is the start of the NLCS and the Hometown Team is taking on the Astros. Since I've got a midterm tomorrow morning I'm not drinking tonight, which may or may not account for the fact that the Red Sox are down 8-0 to the Yanks right now. However, I will be getting super intoxicated tomorrow night as I cheer the Cards to victory.

Go Redbirds.

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