Afterthoughts On Rock And Or Roll

There are some bands out there. They have names like Journey, or REO Speedwagon, or Foreigner.

You've all heard them before. Perhaps you've even found yourself playing air guitar while "JukeBox Hero" plays on your local classic rock radio station. It's okay if you have. I have,too. So has everyother red-blooded American at one point in time.

But there comes a point in every persons life when they realize that those songs, literally, are pieces of ear-crap. You eventually have to move on. And when you do, you accept the fact that Damn Yankees really isn't that great of a band.

So, I pose you this question: When those bands wrote those songs, did they know that they sucked? Did they think that they eventually might suck?

Did Tommy Shaw of Styx ever once think "This is the most predictable and trite lyric possible, lets put it with the cheesiest guitar riff of all time and call it 'Come Sail Away'?"

Were they puking as they wrote these songs? Because maybe, just maybe, they should have been.

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