Can't I Ever Pick A Winner?

The answer, sadly, is no.

Another four years of Bush, huh? I guess no matter what, we were going to end up with a New England-born, Ivy League educated, old-money president. We're just sticking with the one that has a fake Texan accent (How has nobody caught on to that! He was born in Connecticut, for christsake!)

It's alright, I guess, but it does make me a little nervous. An incumbent President's second term almost always ends up being defined as a four year period of ultra-aggressive policy where that President tries to cement his landscape in American political history (Reagan and fiscal responsibility, ending the Cold War; Clinton and his health care initiative that would have worked if not for those pesky blow jobs he was getting.) The thing that really scares me is: if you thought this administration has been aggressive before...Now that they don't have to worry about being re-elected...fuck.

On another sad note, now that the election has come and gone, Colin Powell will probably be stepping down as Secretary of State in the next few months. Secretary Powell is the one man in the Cabinet that I like (really, he's the only one that I even respect, but hey. Yes, I'm talking to you Tom Ridge. You know what you did.)
After four years under Bush, Colin probably feels as if a large portion of his soul has vanquished his presence. Colin will most probably be replaced by the former Mayor of NYC, Rudy Giuliani. Rudy is a man with very high political aspirations and he'll be a front runner for the GOP ticket in 2008. Since his name will be thrown around for the 2008 campaign, he'll be walking a very tight party line while serving his role...Thus making every Cabinet position ultra-conservative. Great.

So if you were hoping for science to find a cure for whatever disease you or your loved-ones are dying from, start praying, because as long as the GOP controls all three branches of Government, those damn stem-cells aren't going anywhere.

And if your sexual preference is outside of the norm, just move to Europe, because you aren't getting the rights of a straight American any time soon.

Four more years of ridiculous spending, irresponsible tax cuts, and psuedo-nation building. Weren't those some of the hallmarks of bad Democrats in years past? How did these roles get reversed so quickly?

Four more years. Hmmm...Well, maybe something cool will happen. Maybe John McCain will invoke "Law 7, of the Laws of 8" and challenge Bush for leadership of the clan (the clan being America, of course.)

Maybe now that Tom Daschle doesn't have to be the Senate Minority leader anymore, he'll have the time to think to himself and ask "Just who was sending me that anthrax, anyway?" Hell, maybe he'll even solve the fucking case. Inside of my head today, I have been occasionally screaming "HOW THE FUCK DOES THE SENATE PARTY LEADER LOSE THE FUCKING ELECTION? MY GOD, DEMOCRATS ARE BAD AT THIS!"

Oh, well, four more years, huh? What's the worst that could happen, really?

Taken from President Bush's speech regarding stem cell research and funding : "I also believe that great scientific progress can be made through aggressive federal funding of research on umbilical cord placenta, adult and animal stem cells which do not involve the same moral dilemma. This year, your government will spend $250 million on this important research."
Lets hope it happens
Al my friend you forget W is the only president to ever allow federal funding for stem cell research. Damn libs are never happy.
Also the first time the opportunity has presented itself. Also, you're right...We aren't ever happy.
At least those Pesky Blow jobs didn't stop him from allowing federal funding for stem cells. Democrats gave it their all this year and it wasn't enough. You should feel bad. The democratic party just fell back a generation. The funny part was that it was all under the idiot President Bush. Wow you fell back a generation to an idiot. Democrats are just so out of touch with the American people. Remeber I predicted a victory for Bush about a year ago. Maybe Hillary can save your party. "Vote or Die" I can't wait for all those fucks to start dieing. That means you P-Diddy.
What is it with those pesky blow jobs anyway? Isnt that guy married? Geez, doesnt anyone respect marital vows these days? Where have all the moral values gone?
Politics are stupid anyway..... or am I just ignorant? I always get those 2 mixed up.
Well, you see, marital vows aren't just what they used to be. A friend of mine named Billy can attest to that one. Do you know Billy, Shut the fuck up NCO. By the way stupid screen name you got their.
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