"Hump Day" Notes

Isn't "hump day" the best nickname for a day of the week? Actually, do any of the other days even have nicknames? Maybe I'll start calling Friday "The Big Fri." Yeah, I will. And it will catch on, too. You'll see.

Anyway, it's been a rather average week so far. Here's hoping that things pick up for the weekend (I've got the feeling that they will...I smell a *HOT* Big Fri!)

A few observations from the week:

1) The band "Iron and Wine" makes some of the coolest music I have ever heard. If you're wondering who they are, on the Garden State soundtrack (which I assume everyone owns, because they should) they play on track #11, doing a lovely cover The Postal Service's "Such Great Heights." Check them out.

2) My roomate Andy was grocery shopping over the weekend, when two guys in line ahead of him struck up a conversation. During their conversation it was revealed that they were both former Marines, at which point they did (what Andy called) "The Marine handshake."
I was in the Marines for five years. I never knew we had a handshake. Was I not taught it? If so, why not? Is it cool? Actually, it probably has rather strong homo-erotic undertones, so just keep it to yourselves.

3)Speaking of Marines with homo-erotic undertones...Josh Ellison and Joe Sanchez have combined forces (along with myself and, hopefully, Daryl Neil) to create a SuperBlog know as "Life In Iraq" (the link is to your left.) Seeing how they're in Ramadi or Falluja and I'm in Saint Louis, they'll do the majority of writing on it, but I may chime in every now and then with a view "from the home front."

Stay Tuned...

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