I Hate Barry Lamar Bonds

A few "Hump Day" observances for you to ponder while you listen to Badly Drawn Boy's "Donna and Blitzen." What's that? You don't have that song? Well do yourself a favor and pickup the "About A Boy" Soundtrack. Just fucking trust me, alright.

1) Barry Bonds won the National League MVP for the fourth straight year. I had forgotten that they even presented these awards anymore. Why don't they just go ahead and hand the award out the next time Barry doesn't win. Maybe in ten years, when Barry retires, Albert Pujols can finally win an award.

2) Another Bonds note. His head is huge. Just fucking huge. It's fun watching old clips of him with the Pirates compared to him now. He was a speedy outfielder with surprising pop in his bat. A solid 30-30 guy and that's about it. Now...He looks like the Michelin Man. No, he doesn't use steroids. Never has, never will. Why would you even bother to ask?

3) Congratulations to Quinn Snyder's U of Mizzou Tigers squad on a tough win over perennial powerhouse Brown University. Mizzou beat a team who aren't allowed to give their players scholarships by only eight points. Perhaps this is a testament to the recruiting power of that old Ivy League institution...or maybe it just shows how bad things are getting in Columbia, MO. The Illini are going to kick their ass...and I can't wait.

4) Congrats also (albeit this time seriously) to Joe Sanchez and the rest of the crew over at "The Sanchez Report" on their 2000 hit. It's hard to believe that a little website started purely to make fun of its readers could last for an entire year and for 2000 visitors, but, sure enough you pulled it off! My hat's off to you, sir!

Ryan Adams concert tomorrow night at The pageant...the weekend starts one day early this week!


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