On A Thursday Night, I Receive My "Class 3" Hipster License

To begin:
It's an average Thursday night in St. Louis, Mo. Average in all aspects but one:
Instead of me sitting on the couch watching "The O.C." with the roommates, we're out at The Pageant watching Ryan Adams rock, depress, and serenade the crowd for an entertaining evening.

When I walked into the venue, my ID was looked at, my ticket was scanned, and I was patted down for any and all fire-arms which might have been on my person.

The doorman said to me "Well, you're at a Ryan Adams concert and you have extremely floppy hair, so you have achieved the pre-requisites to be a level four hipster...Unfortunately, you're wearing Doc Martins, not Chuck Taylors, so you can only reach level three of hipsterdom."

"I'll take what I can get," I replied.

Seriously, though, beside the fact that 80% of the male crowd had hair like mine, it was an awesome show. Check him out if you have the opportunity. (On a side note- he was born and raised in Jacksonville, NC...something that I did not know until he was a few songs into his set...at which time I started yelling about "Toby's", "Driftwood", and other adult institutions in Jacksonville that I know of.)

Anyhoo...the weekend is upon us and I am excited. Today is my final day of classes before...FALL BREAK! YEAH BABY! It's time to rock the fuck out! The best break this side of Spring Break and I am taking full advantage of it!

I will have some more stuffing! Yeah, Uncle Ed, get me another beer! Yes, mother, I could use another drumstick! Fuck yeah!


Well, whether or not you have a Fall Break like I do, I hope you enjoy the weekend. Be safe, take care, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

I'll holla back come Monday (it'll be allright.)

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