Someone To Make You Feel Better About Yourself

"Why,yes, I could use another round, my good man"

Gary Wayne Rogers of Louisville Kentucky has passed away.
I'll give you a minute to grieve...
Now, why should you care that G.W.R. is recently deceased, you ask? First of all, how about a little compassion you heartless son of a bitch. Secondly, this is a man who was once arrested 96 times in one calender year. That's once every 3.8 days.
In my lifetime I have been arrested, on average, once every 8,860 days and my parents still won't let me hear the end of it.
Now you still may not care the Gary Wayne is no longer with us (by the way, he died by burning himself outside of U.K.'s Rupp Arena...Was Jimi Hendrix's "Fire" playing in the background? Maybe) but when you've been arrested as many times as old G.W. has (once for criminal litering!), you start to garner a small cult following. Especially when you take mug shots like these:



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