This Is Going To Bug Me For A Few Days

A question that needs to be answered:

Does the fact that I like Billy Joel make me a tool?

I started wondering this on Saturday night when I was out at McGurk's (a popular local watering hole) and "Captain Jack" (a really cool song about cocaine and masturbation) started playing. My roomate Matt turned to me and said, "Here's your fucking Billy Joel, Al."

Now, Matt doesn't especially care for Billy Joel to begin with. Combine that with the fact that if I'm at a bar and in control of the jukebox, there is a 87% chance that "Scenes From An Italian Restraunt" will be played. What you end up with, is not only one pissed Matt Gallo, but at least 3/4 of a bar pissed at me for playing Billy Joel.

Why is there this animosity? Let's look at some facts: Billy Joel is a multi-millionaire in his mid fifties, was married to a super-model, and is battling a substance abuse dependency problem. That's what most American males dream to be, right?

So why the hatred?

Regardless, I really want to know: Does the fact that I like Billy Joel make me a tool? Pleae, tell me.

Maybe you already thought I was a tool...does my liking of Billy Joel further your belief?

Or maybe you used to think I was cool...but now after learning that I care for Billy Joel's music, you too think that I am, in fact, a tool.

Maybe you don't care that I like Billy. Maybe you do, too. It's okay. Admit it. You Up Town Girl, you.

Please feel free to respond.

And try not to think any less of me because of these revelations.

Take it away, Billy...

"A bottle of red...A bottle of white...It all depends upon your appetite..."

I myself have been a closet Joel fan, so that being said I would have to re-interate that you are not a tool. You are not a tool because if you were a tool that would make me a tool, too.
There goes Josh again with his "Any thing Al thinks is cool, I think is cool too" antics. Jeez, I should have seen that one coming. If I were you Al, I'd exploit this and see how much rediculous shit you can get Josh to say that he likes. On a lighter note, "We didn't start the fire" is a great song and would make a great punk cover. Where the hell did my duct tape go?
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