Trojans v. Irish, 2004.

I know I promised you a ND-USC preview. I did. I know I did. But, once again, Al Fritz is breaking promises. Here's why:

For the last 24 years of my life I have placed a great emphasis on sports, only to see a few good things happen ('97 Packers, '91-'98 Bulls, U of Illinois beating U of Missouri in basketball for like 37 straight years now, and of course; Jimmy Chitwood leading Hickory past South Bend in the 1952 Indiana High School Basketball Championship.) Normally, whenever I get really excited about a sporting event my team fails. Seriously, it's like fucking clockwork.

So I'm going to pretend to not be excited for tonights matchup. I'm going to watch with an obvious vested intrest towards the Irish, but I'm not going to get all hyped up or anything. I'll go ahead and ignore the fact that two of ND's wins have come against top ten teams. I'll overlook the fact that Brady Quinn is finally coming into his own (and the fact that he's a dreamboat.) I'll even forget that ND's a scrappy bunch of overacheivers who would love to play the spoiler to one of their biggest rivals.

I'll even try to not think about the fact that an ND win would clear the way for Auburn to play in the BCS Championship Game, making things right in the world.

Nope, I'm just going to drink my wine and watch a little of the old pigskin.

Prediction: USC 48 ND 3

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