Fake Christmas '04

This Christmas just didn't feel right.

Maybe it was Christmas falling over a normal weekend. Since it did, nobody really got any extra time off of work for the holidays. After fullfilling all family obligations, there wasn't much time to spend with the friends.

Or...Perhaps it was the fact that for the first time since 1999 I haven't acted as if I was a third party in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and had to jump through hoops and (on at least one occassion) join the circus to make it home for the 25th. It was really easy to get home for the holidays this year.

Whatever it was, this was the weakest Christmas in quite awhile.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed being with the fam (although not all of us were present...parental custody rights always make for a bad holiday season.) It just wasn't the same as normal. Many of my friends expressed the same feelings.

Christmas Eve was marred by me pulling my back on the night of the 23rd. I spent X-mas eve with my extended family, getting drunk on white wine with my cousins and popping muscle relaxers. Normally, those ingrediants would make for one hell of an evening, but my back was killing me nonetheless. Apparently self medication does not always work.

And then I went to sleep. Which, apparently was not a good idea. For, I woke up every fifteen minutes either sweating and yelling because my back was in pain or waking up and karate chopping my pillows because I was, technically speaking, freaking the fuck out (consuming a bottle of chardonney, six muscle relaxers, and three excedrin p.m. in one evening will do that to you.)

Luckily, I woke up in the morning. Yes, I know, a Christmas miracle in and by itself. Gift giving was great and I got to relax on the couch all afternoon while waiting for Shaq to decappitate Kobe. Unfortunatly, that never happened.

A tad bit more exciting X-Mas story than my own: My buddy Nate was out drinking until 4:30 in the morning on Christmas eve. Since his sister was serving Mass at 7:30 a.m., Nate had to wake up after three hours of heavy drinking to go to Christmas Mass. To his credit, he did make it to mass and lasted all the way until the Homily before finally giving in to his hangover, leaving the church...vomiting outside of said church... and walking to his parents house in sub-zero degree temputures. He eventually made it back home and slept well into the afternoon, but missed the family opening their presents.

Currently, his mother is no longer speaking to him and he expects to be thrown out of his parents house within the next few days. So it is more than likely that Nate will be living on my couch pretty soon.

Well played, Nate. Happy Holidays.

Also, a big happy thank you to my friend Cathy, who apperently is clairvoyant. After the Busch Braggin' Rights game, she gave me a load of her muscle relaxers, making it physically possible for me to actually sit up-right while interacting with the extended fam on Christmas eve. How you knew I would develop a bad back within a few days, I'll never know...but I owe you one.

Happy Holidays, to you, Cath.

And To everyone else out there:

Opps, Pow, Surprise...Merry Fucking Christmas Everyone.

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