Hey, Look Everybody! It's December!

A few thoughts while I try to get ELO's "Telephone Line" out of my head:

1) Yesterday, after I found out that Notre Dame let Ty Willingham go, I wrote approximaitly 4,000 words about the firing. Words which apparently the good people at blogger did not enjoy for whatever reason. Since as soon as I hit the "publish" button, everything dissapeared. Stupid blogger (I hope they didn't read that.) So, if you want to know my feelings about the ND situation, just shoot me an e-mail. I'm not writing all that crap again for nothing.

2) Having broken teeth can be quite fun. I have found that while doing most everyday activities, people have a hard time looking me in the face while talking. It's become some what of a social experiment now. If they can look me in the face...well, you're a better person than I am. I'd be looking away. But, I'm a jerk-ass.

3) #1 Wake Forest v. #3 The University of Illinois. Tonight's tipoff is at 6 cst...and I'll be drunk by 5! If you can catch this game on tv, I'd try to find it on the radio instead. It's "Paint The Hall Orange Night" in Champaign tonight and if you've ever seen one of these on tv before you know that it can be quite distracting and in some cases, has been know to cause nausea.

Anyhoo...off to the 7-11 to grab some malt liquor for the game

"Doo-wap...doo-doo-doo-op...dooWa- doWaa...Blue Days...Black Nights...DooWa...DoWaa"

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