Hey...There goes Finals!

Finals are done for the semester and your favorite drunk pulled off a 3.0.

So it's time for me to fully enjoy December. Fuck remembering which bedroom heavy coats get stored in. Fuck letting Grandma smoke Kools in my bedroom during Christmas dinner. And fuck using chapstick on a cold winter night...let's get rocked.

And while we all get shit-bombed... let's listen to "I Was Wrong/You We're Right" by Badly Drawn Boy, it's fabulous...again just fucking trust me, here, allright.

I know it's been awhile since I've written anything, but a man's got to study.

Since last we talked a giant fat man name Charlie Weiss is now the head coach of The Univesity Of Notre Dame Football. I'd like to complain, but the man promised to make the program "nasty" and I can't disagree with that.

Afterall, "nasty" has been the top adjective in the english language for fifteen years running. Ever since, in 1988, Janet requested: "Miss Jackson if you're 'nasty'". I guess we're all part of the rythym nation, now (?)

I hate to brag about the fact that my state school (The University of Illinois) is number ONE in all the land, but this is the greatest college basketball team I have seen since Larry Johnson, Stacey Augmon, George Ackles, Anderson Hunt, and the rest of the UNLV Runnin' Rebels dominated the 1989 College B-Ball scene.

I have already sold one of my girl- friends to act as a love-slave if Mizzou defeats Illinois next Wednesday.



That's right... Next Hump Day...Dec. 22nd. The best rivarly in college hoops.

The Busch Braggin' Rights Game.

Illinois v. Missouri.

Blue State v. Red State.

Winner take all.

Let's get it on!

Coming straight from the state that can shoot...
It's Alex Fritz...signing off...
We drain three pointers in our sleep!

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"I'll be dead in the cold, cold ground before I recognize the state of Missouri."