I'll Be Braggin' For The Rest Of The Year

I talk of rights. The Right to brag.

Braggin' Rights, Baby!

Five years in a row, Illinois has now beaten Missouri.

This year was a little different.
From one aspect, Illinois (this season) had yet to face any sort of adversity, and if they were to (before confrence play, that is) Mizzou is the team that would really fucking bring it.

You really do not know how tough your team is until they have faced adversity.

The University of Illinois saw adversity tonight. And that adversity took the shape and form of the University of Missouri Tigers.
Those kids played their fucking hearts out... and I commend them.

There was a point in time, during the second half, where the outcome of the game was in question. Hopes within the red state of Missouri were raised. But those hopes were flailing.

After a few bad Mizzou possesions, the game was all but sealed up in Illinois favor.

The ballgame basically reached the level where Mizzou could not come back. They were playing against a team whose talent reached a level rarely seen in college play.

Illinois played by far their worst game of the year...and still won, nearly going away.

A valiant effort by Mizzou, but a lose none-the less.

70 to 64. That ain't bad man.

Mizzou proved that they could play a tough game.

And Illinois proved that they can win. Even against a hated rival who had nothing to lose.

And finally we learned that when a game boils down to which team has the biggest cajones...well, sir, The U of I...has a helluva sack!

We Got Rights!

If you're from Illinois, I urge you to go slam a sixer of Busch Heavies. You earned it!

Rack It!

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