I Just Don't Know Anymore

I was walking back from the 7-11 a few minutes ago, when an old, gold-toothed, greasy black man walked up from behind me...Here's the exchange:

Black guy - "Hey man"

Me - "How you doing?"

"You smoke that bud, man?"

"No, I quit."

"don't get high, huh? Well you got yourself a girlfriend?"

"Yeah, kind of" (note - a blatant lie, but I didn't know where he was going with all this)

"Well...Then...You want a free blow job?"



And he ran away.
And that was the single most disturbing thing that has ever....evereverevereverever...Happened to me.

I feel like simultaneously vomiting and crying.

Oh God. Ugh. Double ugh.
Where were you? (Fellow St. Louisan)
The 7-11 in Benton Park (corner of Gravois, Jefferson, and Sidney)

I realize that being in my neighborhood you have to take the bad with the good, but that was a little too much.
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