In The Face! The Face!

I'm driving back from class yesterday and there's a young fella named "Spinmaster" on the local sports radio station talking about how he and his friends will be in town for the next few days playing a little basketball.

Perhaps you have heard of them.
With names like:
"Half Man Half Amazing",
"The Pharmacist",
"High Octane", and
"The Professor"

Yeah, that's right And1 is coming to my town.

No fouls. No traveling. Streetball.

So I'm hearing this knucklehead (Spinmaster) talking about how they've got a game Friday night at the Keil (er, Savis) Center. The radio DJ's (Howard and Malcolm, ESPN 1380 3-6 cst.) started saying that they would be giving away two tickets for the game on their show tomorow.

One thought entered my mind: "I'm winning those mother-f'n tickets."

Today's show rolls around and they say that the big e-mail of the day will win two tickets for the And1 game tomorow night. Now this was all fine and dandy until they said what the topic of the day is :

1) Why would Prince Charles leave Princess Di for Camilla?


2) Who is the sexiest couple in sports?

Are you fucking kidding me? That's THE weakest topic I had ever heard. I don't give a fuck about the royal fucking family...and hottest couples? This is ESPN Radio, not VH-fucking-1.

So, I give myself and hour to sizzle down and think of something to write these guys. I hit them up with this little beaut:

Prince Charles? Are you kidding me?
The only royals you guys should be talking about are Mike Sweeney, Jose Lima, and Jose Lima's wife.

Speaking of the Lima's ...

The hottest couple in sports...put me down for Jeff Garcia and his two hot fighting girl-friends.
So what if that's not technically a couple?

Nothing says sexy like a drunken bar-room cat fight.

Alex Fritz

Two hours later...BOOM...Big E-Mail of the day...it's being read on the air and now...well, now I've got bad ass seats to watch the modern day HArlem Globetrotters.

I'm thinking about challenging "50" to a game of horse.

Rack It!

The moral of the story? Angry sarcasm rules!
Best title in sports blogdom.

Great stuff. Thought I'd drop you a line to introduce a new blog.

Dedicated to Pardon The Interruption, it's called Pardon The Eruption.Feel free to check it out! Thanks!
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