Self-fulfilling Prophecies

Was it the best weekend ever? That's debatable.

Top 5? Absolutely.

I'll take a Mardi Gras- Super Bowl weekend anytime I can get one. My liver may hate me for it, but thats a damn good weekend.

The drinking gods were looking out for us, giving us a ridiculously nice, 60 degree and sunny day in the middle of February. I drank for nine hours straight (8 am to 5 pm), took a two-hour power nap, and got back to drinking at 7...Finally comfortably passing out at midnight.

Goal of the day: To get unbelievably intoxicated and still keep all my teeth.

Mission accomplished.

Strange things which came out of the Gras:

- My buddy Ryan ending up at a bachelor party in downtown St. Louis. He knew no-one there. Eventually, he had a conversation with a mohawked man in a bathrobe and decided it was time to leave. Ryan, couldn't remember for sure but I think this "bachelor party" was just a set from an upcoming Steve Guttenberg movie.

- My roommate Andy ended up alone at a strip-club at 3 am. Then his phone died. And he was broke. So he did what any of us would do: Get a ride from a guy named Richard who drives a '86 Mustang and gives hi-fives while listening to Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold" very, very loudly.

Great F'n weekend.

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