Eight Elite Eight Thoughts

1) Considering the fact that The Big Ten put three teams into the Elite Eight on what every single talking head pundit said was a down year for the confrence, how many teams would a good year have produced?

2) Is there any doubt that Julius Hodge will somehow return to N.C.State for his ninth and final year?

3) Do you trust anyone who drives a station wagon? I don't.

4) If I 've said it once, I've said it a thousand times...the best part of being Catholic? Lenten Friday Night Fish Frys & Beer Busts.

5) Am I the only one excited about the return of Crazy Mariah Carey?

6)Fact: The youngest Winslow girl from "Family Matters" did a soft core porn.

7) What is with the rediculous amount of college basketball players wearing giant undershits? Are they paying some sort of homage to the ghost of Patrick Ewing?

8) Illini v. Zona tomorow afternoon...I'm staying in tonight to collect some Karma. Crunch time, baby. Crunch time.


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