"If It Wasn't For My Horse, I Never Would Have Spent That Year In College"

In case you've been sleeping, here's a rundown of the last week in three quick minutes.

1. On Sunday, I was walking around in shorts and a t-shirt. Yesterday, it snowed. Today, I walked to buy a paper wearing shorts and no top. Now, I'm not saying I hate global warming...in fact, I think I enjoy it...but we could use a little stability here. To quote Lewis Black commenting on the ozone layer: "We have men. We have rockets. We have saran wrap. Fix it."

2. Also on Sunday, it became official. Black people are better actors than white people. There. I said it.

3. I bought an iPod. It's been in my possesion for only 72 hours and I have no idea how I ever lived without one. It has been an absolute godsend. Time, literaly, flies by now.

4. I quit my side job at the deli. I will now be occupying my Tuesdays and Thursdays at Scott Air Force Base, helping military members as they get out of the military (something I am experienced in.)

5. Speaking of quitting, did you know that governments could just up and quit? The good people in Lebanon knew that they could. And they did. Lazy Mediterranean Sea swimming fucks.

6. I found myself sitting in Starbucks, wearing jeans I bought at the Gap and a shirt I bought at Express, listening to my iPod, and text messaging a friend on my cell phone. That is when I realized that I have become everything which I ever hated in the world. And I like it.

Here are the songs which played on my iPod (it's on shuffle) while I've been writing:
Bush - Machinehead
Pete Yorn - On Your Side
Ryan Adams - She's Lost Control
Modest Mouse - One Chance
Badly Drawn Boy - All Possibilities
Howie Day - Everything Else

God, I love this thing.

You sound an awful lot like this dude I know named Jon Downing.
I am glad to hear that it feels good to be a complete sell out.
Also, I drive a Honda Accord, I occasionally watch "The O.C." and my shoes always match my belt. I have sold completely the fuck out. (Although, I'll still drink a Busch Heavy if the ocassion presents itself. Nothin' pretentious about that.)
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