Not Exactly A Great Spring Break

Last Friday, I left school knowing that I would not have classes for nine days. I did a little bit of drinking down in the StL that night and woke up Saturday morning to drive to Peoria. It was my friends Brad's birthday party, appropriately themed "Prom 1983." It was a blast, as everyone was dressed up in their worst suits, tackiest dresses, and most obscure concert t-shirts.

Unfortunately, that same Saturday night my good friend Chris's little sister, Kelli, passed away.

So, the rest of my "spring break" entailed me sitting around at my parent's house, occasionally meeting up with friends, going to visitations, the funeral, etc.

There were quite a few moments during the visitation where it got quite dusty inside of St. Philomena's church. Pictures of Kelli in our grade school alma-mater's soccer uniform. Pictures of their family down at The Edgewater in Panama City Beach during our High School Spring Breaks. Pics of everyone out at Peoria's Wedgewood Swim Club. Then, her, her sister Betsy, and Chris at Busch Stadium, circa 1987.

Anyone who has ever looked at this site knows that I hold a ridiculous amount of importance concerning sports in my life. So when I saw the pink Saint Louis Cardinals hat that lied with her in her casket during her visitation...well that was just the end of it.

Chris (whom I've been friends with since we were the age zero) was an unbelievable stud throughout the entire ordeal. He batted leadoff in the visitation line (perhaps one of the hardest thing anyone ever has to do...ever) and finished off a great speech at her funeral. After talking about how he taught her that there is only one real baseball team in America (the Cardinals) he told an awesome anecdote about how Kelli affected so many people so greatly that she was invited to a wedding of a Walgreen's employee...just because she alway made his day when she shopped there.

What happened sucks. And it's a damn shame.

But, although we lost her grace, with Kelli's passing...the winds may blow a little sweeter across P-Town.

Take care.

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