Out of pure boredom, I decided to check out some of the searches which have led internet surfers to my little piece of the information super highway.
Here are what some sick fucks have googled (in bold) and my quick analysis of their searches:

frank viola penis - Who in the world is interested in Frank Viola's crank? Personally, I could never take my eyes of that man's glorious moustache in order to check out his basket.

"tommy shaw" and "south Bend" - Someone else shares my love of Styx and Notre Dame.

Average temputures in different countries - I have no idea how that search could possibly lead you to here.

empty mizzou arena - Ha! Mizzou sucks!

actor "Jody Price" - To clear things up, Jody Price is not a real person. He was Vincent Price's fictional grandson on an episode of "The Simpsons" (He ran the deceased Vincent's Easter Egg Coloring business.)

hogan and jayson spank - What in the world?

wade boggs once drank 60 beers - Which is almost true. On a cross country flight back in the mid-80's, Wade Boggs consumed 57 cans of beer...however that is not how his pants ended up at Cheer's.

What have we learned?

First and foremost, Mizzou sucks. Secondly, Googling can lead people all over the place, so be careful the next time you're searching the internet.

Just typing "purple monkey dishwasher" into that little bar can lead you to some very, very dark places.

I miss you Al. Nuggets rule this bitch! Fallujah rocked! Neill is moto and I am still a short, fat spic! D
Actually, Jody Price IS a real person. Just not an actor. He's a musician living in New Jersey.
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