Sociology 111

My sociology class began discussing race and ethnicity today, a subject which I should really pay attention to considering the fact that I am one of the eight whitest men on planet earth (I'm listening to Alphaville right now for christsake.)

After our professor gave us the definitions of both racism (belief that some racial groups are superior, while others are inferior) and prejudice (negative attitudes based on generalizations of a group.) She then asked if anyone had an example of how they are different.

Of course, my hand rose.

"Well," I said, "if I was hiring someone for my company and thought to myself 'I can't hire this guy, he's black', I'd be a racist. But, if I thought 'This black guy will be perfect for the job, I've just got to make sure we've got plenty of watermelon and chicken around the office', I'd be prejudiced."

Professor: (extended silence) "uh....um....okay..." (more silence) "Anyone else?"

I better keep studying.

Go Illini!

Part of the problem with your answer is that there is nothing negative about watermelon or fried chicken.
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