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I'm rather consumed by baseball right now (the inDemand package is totally worth it, FYI) so I'm filing an extremely lazy and easy to write post right now.

First things first, my bar-league volleyball team had our opening match and we (team name: "Bayside Tigers") were victorious, 2 games to none.
I know that I have not made too much of an impact on any of your lives; but those of you which I did, it was probably only for one reason: My awesome mix CDs.

I consider myself to be the master of the mix (I interned for a semester under John Cusack) and my seasonal mixes always seemed to be positively reviewed while I was in Carolina. So, for my fans (Joe, Josh, Eli, and I think that's about it):
Here is the Al Fritz Spring 2K5 playlist:

1) To Be Young - Ryan Adams
2) Change Your Mind - The Killers
3) Train - Uncle Tupelo
4) Electioneering - Radiohead
5) I'm Not Bitter - The Minus 5
6) Sandusky - Uncle Tupelo
7) High Tide or Low Tide - Bob Marley
8) A Minor Incident - Badly Drawn Boy
9) Big In Japan - Alphaville
10) Black Cadillacs - Modest Mouse
11) Blues Die Hard - Uncle Tupelo
12) Naked Eye - The Who
13) All The Things That I've Done Before - The Killers

And, yes, there are an awful lot of Jeff Tweady songs on there. And that is because Jeff Tweady rules. So there.

Finally, one last part to my ridiculously lazy post: Do yourself a favor and check out www.jasonmulgrew.com It's extremely offensive, tasteless, and crude...but if your reading my shit you should get a kick out of his.

As my home-girl Julia put it, "Yeah, that Mulgrew dude is pathetic, but man, he's pathetic with gusto."
Now if you'll excuse me: "B-Ba-Be-Ba-Ba-Be-Be...B-Ba-Be-Ba-Ba-Be...Go Bayside!"

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