Cooler Heads?

Perhaps I was a bit too rash in my last post. Last night's game, following a three hour rain delay, turned into a rather civil affair, with both Chris Carpenter and David Wells tossing excellent ballgames. No intentional plunks. No purposeful brushbacks. Not even a whole lot of animosity out in the stands, either. That is, until the ninth.

The Lady Friend and I had, as all good fans should do at ballgames, snuck down into the 15th or so row of box seats around the eighth inning. In the ninth, we sat behind the Red Sox dugout and I engaged in some rather friendly banter with the bad guys. Again, I can't honestly hate Sox fans, especially the true ones. It's not their fault that their team turned into a bunch of pretentious, intolerable, media whoring assholes once they won a championship. Not their fault at all.

With one out left in the game, the clear majority of fans remaining at the game stood up. As did I. This is not a strange move by any means. In fact, I actually thought that this was standard protocol. With two outs in the bottom of the ninth, you stand up: 1) if your team is winning you cheer for them to close it out or,2) if they are trailing you cheer for them to come from behind.

Or, if you are the asshole three rows behind me you instigate the following exchange:

Me: (Standing up) "Come on Albert! Base knock, brah!"
45 year old drunk Boston fan, actively embarrassing his two children with him while sitting three rows behind me: "Sit down!"
Me: "Why don't you stand up?"
Dude: "You're stupid"
Me: *giggle*
Dude: "You're a big man"
Me: *Actually laughing out loud*
Dude: "You're stupid. Way to impress the woman, you big man."
Me: "Come on Jim E! Keep it going, brah!"
Dude: "I'll get an usher! You better sit down! You're stupid! There, the games over! Are you happy? Are you proud, you big man?"
Me, smiling at him after the final out: "Yeah, I am kind of stupid"

Probably a thirty second exchange of not so pleasantries follows after the game in which the following information was established as fact:
1) I am a big man.
2)I am stupid.
3)That man's kid's therapy bills will be through the roof someday.

So, to sum up the evening:

So that's that. I'm catching a plane in a few hours to Charlotte, NC. Heading to the Appalachians tonight in order to partake in a little white water rafting. Saturday, I'll do a little boating with the boys on Lake Norman, and all the while I'll be canning beers, happy as can be.

If you find yourself bored today, I have a few sites to note:

Lata on, bitches.

Hmm... you move down into seats that you didn't pay for, then you stand up and block someone's view, then you drive drunk, but it's the Red Sox players that are intolerable assholes. Ok.. that makes perfect sense.
I've never said I wasn't an asshole. On the contrary. I may vary well be the biggest asshole in the central time zone.
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